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Pappy's 2-Man SxS Triathalon
August 27, 2017

Little Egypt Off Road Motorcycle Club | 11:00 am - 04:00 pm
For the first time, Pappy's Outdoor will be hosting a 2-man side-by-side triathalon at Little Egypt Off Road- just East of Marion.  Three events, two drivers, one day; with cash and store-credit prizes given to the top three teams. 

Event 1: The driver will be blindfolded and the passenger will have to navigate the team through an obstacle course by voice instruction only.

Event 2: The passenger will be given a pail of water to hold on their lap while the team navigates a bumpy obstacle course.  The faster you complete the course and the less water you spill, the better.

Event 3: The passenger will have a paintball gun, and the team will need a combination of speed through a course and accuracy shooting targets set up from various distances. 

The winner will be determined by overall time through the three events.  Time penalties will be assessed based on different faults in each event.  The same person cannot drive for all three events. 

$5 admission will be charged by LEOR.

20439 Ranch Lane- Marion, IL 62959